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            Leaf Blower and Vacuum (1)

            Electric Leaf Blower and Garden Vacuum BV4100


            Leaf Blowers and Vacuums

            To clear out your garden in no time, look no further than our leaf blowers & vacuums here at Blaupunkt Tools.

            Whether you’re clearing up after the autumn leaf fall or after some hedge trimming or weed pulling, our leaf blowers and vacuums will make light work of any job and quickly clear everything away.

            It can be frustrating when autumn rolls around and your driveway and lawn start to clog up with dead leaves, as beautiful as they may be.

            And, unfortunately, raking them up is a time-consuming task that often just feels like you’re raking them from one pile into another.

            That’s where our leaf blowers and vacuums can come in, allowing you to blow all the leaves into a neat pile to be vacuumed up into a leaf bag to be disposed of.

            Which Leaf Blower & Vacuum is Right for You?

            Lots of people opt for a petrol powered leaf blower and vacuum, but there are lots of reasons why we think you might want to opt for an electric model.

            Electric blowers and vacuums do typically offer less power, but to compensate for this, they’re also much more lightweight and quieter.

            For example, our BV4000 leaf blower and vacuum weighs just 3kg, which makes it super-easy to handle, and it also costs just £64.99, which is great value for a three-in-one blower and vacuum.

            In terms of power, it packs a 3000W motor, which is more than enough if you’re dealing with a small to medium-sized garden, with a 270km/h hurricane force blast, with a speed controller for smaller jobs too.

            It’s also crucial that you choose a leaf blower which doubles as a vacuum too so that you can hoover up your debris once you’re done and our BV4000 features an automatic 10:1 mulching function too which perfectly chops debris up for composting.

            How to Use a Leaf Blower & Vacuum

            First things first, make sure that you’re wearing some protective eyewear and maybe some ear defenders or earplugs, although thankfully our electric models aren’t too loud!

            Before you get started with your leaf blower and vacuum, you need to plan where you want the leaves to end up and ideally, you could lay down a tarpaulin or other large sheet to collect all of the debris up.

            Once you turn the blower on, make sure you hold it pointing downwards at a shallow angle and slowly walk forward, moving it in a smooth back and forward motion to blow the leaves.

            Be sure to move in one direction only, to ensure that you aren’t just blowing leaves back into areas that you’ve already cleared, and don’t spend too long trying to clear up every last leaf!

            Once you’ve got a nice, neat pile, if you’ve been using a tarpaulin you can just fold it up and dispose of it, otherwise you can just flick the switch and use your vacuum to suck them all up into the mulcher.

            Remember that all of our leaf blowers and vacuums are protected by our Blue Dot three-year warranty as standard and be sure to check out the rest of our garden tools for the rest of your gardening jobs.

            Dealing with the leaves, with a little help from Blaupunkt

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