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Grass Trimmers

GT4000 High Power 550W AC Electric 2-in-1 Grass Trimmer and Edger


GT1000 High Performance 250W AC Electric Grass Trimmer and Edger


Blaupunkt Cordless Grass Trimmer and Edger - Li-Ion 18V - 30cm - BARE TOOL


Grass Trimmers

Get your lawn in immaculate condition with our range of electric grass trimmers, strimmers and lawn edgers here at Blaupunkt. Remember that all of our grass trimmers, strimmers and lawn edgers are protected by our Blue Dot three-year warranty as standard and be sure to check out the rest of our garden tools for the rest of your gardening jobs.

Grass Trimmers, Strimmers & Lawn Edgers

Keep your lawn in immaculate condition with our range of electric grass trimmers, strimmers and lawn edgers here at Blaupunkt. Each of our trimmers are lightweight, comfortable and easy to use, and will make easy work of tidying your lawn and garden with a clean cut and finish. Available in two variations, the GT1000 and the GT4000, they’re versatile tools which can be used not just for keeping longer grass in check, but also for dealing with weeds and tidying up around paths and fences, with their powerful, high-performance, 250W and 550W motors.


Hedge Trimmers & Shears

No-one likes the sight of an untidy bush, hedgerow or flower bed, this is why our range of hedge trimmers and shears are perfect for your green fingers! Big or small, hedgerows can be controlled and made to look immaculate with your capable hands and our capable products. From the powerful hedge trimmers to the sturdy or delicate shears, we stock just what it is you're after. Whether it's for hedges, bushes or grasses, we will have the perfect tool for you. Don't let the garden get away from you, take back control and get practising your topiary skills.


Which Grass Trimmer is Right for Me?

The GT1000 is perhaps better suited to smaller and medium-sized areas, with its 23cm cutting diameter and intelligently designed head shape, which allows you to get into even the most awkward areas of your garden. It also weighs just 1.6KG, which makes it super-easy to use, even with just one hand. On the other hand, the GT4000 features a 27cm cutting diameter, ideal for dealing with larger areas, and an adjustable head for trimming and edging with no unintentional damage to your plants.


How to Trim Your Lawn

Before getting started with your new Blaupunkt strimmer, it’s a good idea to make sure that you’ve got some form of glasses, goggles or visor on, just in case any flying debris should hit you in the eye and check the ground for any debris such as pebbles, metal or glass before getting started. To operate, switch the trimmer on and hold with your left hand on the front handle and your right hand at about hip level on the operating handle. Once you get started, be sure to only cut with the tip of the thread and ease it into the vegetation from top to bottom so that the line doesn’t slow down or become tangled. This is especially important when cutting next to a kerb, wall or other solid surface, as these will wear down the thread quickly. You should also be sure to cut from right to left because the line spins in a clockwise direction and could throw debris up otherwise.