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Power Tools (24)

Blaupunkt Cordless Air Pump Inflator BP5171 - Li-Ion 18V - with Sports Ball, Tyre Valve and Presta Adaptors - 50cm Extension - 2Ah Battery and Charger


Blaupunkt Cordless Angle Grinder BP5972 - Li-Ion 18V - 115mm (4.5") - (Bare Tool Only - No Battery or Charger)


Blaupunkt DNA System 18v Li-Ion Battery - 4Ah - High Capacity


Blaupunkt DNA System 18v Li-Ion Battery BP2B - 2Ah - Compact and Lightweight


Blaupunkt Standard Charger BP38 - for Blaupunkt DNA Li-Ion 18V Batteries


Blaupunkt Fast Charger BP24 - for Blaupunkt DNA Li-Ion 18V Batteries


Blaupunkt Cordless Drill/Screwdriver and Jigsaw Set - 2x Li-Ion 18V 2Ah Battery - Charger – Carry Case


Blaupunkt Cordless Combi Drill BP6310C - Li-Ion 18V 2Ah Battery - 13mm Keyless Chuck - Drill, Hammer and Screwdriver Functions


We stock a huge range of power tools. If you're looking for a high-quality power tool for DIY or trades purposes, why not take a moment to browse our extensive selection of tools to find the perfect piece of equipment to suit your needs and enhance your performance. Remember that all of our power tools are backed by our Blue Dot three-year warranty and come with free 24-hour delivery too!


Hight-Quality Power Tools

At Blaupunkt we want to make sure you are equipped with the best power tools, this means that your DIY jobs will be completed much quicker and with the same finish that's expected of professionals and tradesmen. Traders looking for some of the leading power tools find it's much easier to compare different models when they're all available to view in one handy website - it's the reason we're such a popular resource for anybody looking to buy the best tools. Our wide range of power tools includes drills, saws, grinders, plus much more.



Nothing says more about a workman than their choice of drill. The most essential bit of kit you will take out with you on site and what can make the difference between a job well done and a headache waiting to happen. For a professional picking the right power cordless drill is crucial and the key is knowing the right tool for the job, from hammer drills, to impact drivers and everything in between.


Angle Grinders

These versatile power tools have everything you require for your cutting, polishing and grinding needs. Despite their size, the hand-held angle grinder has incredible power. During its operation, the disc makes anywhere between 5,000 and 10,000 revolutions per minute. Generally, the more powerful the tool, the bigger the disc, larger models have higher power, these angle grinders can be used for more heavy-duty removal of material and deeper cutting. We also stock mini grinders, these have smaller bodies and lightweight frames allowing for more control on smaller precision work. All our grinders are available in both the corded and cordless option. Preference is really down to the user and whether or not they are restricted with space, power or have already invested in Cordless.


Circular Saws

Circular saws to saws designed with expert woodworkers in mind, you're bound to find the circular saw for you here. Primarily designed to cut wood, circular saws can actually be used to cut through plastic, metal and even masonry as long as you fit them with an appropriate blade. For added convenience, our range features saws that can also be mounted on a stand or a table to provide you with a wider range of uses.



Jigsaws are a great machine for anyone who works with wood, metal, plastic, tiles and even laminates to have. Incredibly versatile, they are ideal if you need to make curved cuts through several different materials. Our selection of jigsaws will enable you to quickly and effortlessly follow any stenciled designs or create custom shapes whilst maintaining maximum mobility. Using a small reciprocating blade, the jigsaw is able to cut through material quickly, which reduces any jamming whilst extending the life span of the blade. Whilst with other saws you may be limited to cutting straight lines, the versatility of a jigsaw means you can work on a wide variety of projects.


Reciprocating Saws

If you are looking to cut down on time in the early stages of demolition or construction, our selection of reciprocating saws will help you towards the next phase of your project. Heavy duty and very powerful these power tools are perfect if you're looking to make rugged cuts quickly. As long as you have the right blade in place, you can use them to tackle wood, metal and even brickwork. Using a large blade, they push and pull through the material you're working with and make light work of it. If your job requires you to make cuts quickly, then make life easier for yourself with one of our reliable reciprocating/sabre saws.


Why Choose Blaupunkt for Power Tools?

We stock a huge range of power tools. If you're looking for a high-quality power tool for DIY or trades purposes, all of our power tools are backed by our Blue Dot three-year warranty and come with free 24-hour delivery too! We’re dedicated to bringing our customers the very best service and quality, effective products, which get the job done! All our garden and power tools also come with our three-year Blue Dot warranty, which has represented the highest standards of quality and trust for almost a hundred years.