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Pressure Washers

Patio Cleaner Attachment for BLAUPUNKT Pressure Washers


Drain Unblocking Hose for Blaupunkt Pressure Washers


Pressure Washer PW7200i with 2100W Aluminium Induction Pump


Pressure Washer PW3100c - 1600W 135bar - Vario Lance - Detergent Gun


20 Metre Extension Hose for Pressure Washers


Rotary Car Cleaning Brush for BLAUPUNKT Pressure Washers


Pressure Washer PW5200i 1800W with Aluminium Induction Pump


Pressure Washers

Rather than wasting time scrubbing away at your drive, check out our fantastic range of pressures washers to obliterate that dirt and leave your driveway, patio or car looking crystal clear.

Power washers get surfaces clean or dirt and grime in a fraction of the time and use far less water than a normal garden hose, with a range of accessories available too to help tailor them to the job, such as our drain unblocking hose, patio cleaner attachment and rotary car cleaning brush.

While our pressure washers allow you to control the intensity of the water flow, it’s important to choose one which is more suited to the job at hand before making a choice.

Which Pressure Washer is Right for Me?

Here at Blaupunkt, we have two models of pressure washer, the PW4000 Electric High Power Electric Pressure Washer and the PW7000 High Pressure Washer which also comes with an accessories kit.

As for which model is going be best for you, consider what you’re planning to use the pressure washer for.

If it’s only going to smaller jobs, such as cleaning your patio furniture or maybe a bike, or mid-level jobs like cleaning a patio, car or guttering there’s no need for the extra power of the PW7000 model.

However, if you want the deepest of cleans, the PW7000 washer with its 165 bar max pressure is the pressure washer for you and will clean large areas such as paving, decking and stonework.

How to Use a Pressure Washer

To use your pressure washer, first make sure that you have an adequate water supply which will be able to provide enough water, not have any kinks or debris to restrict water flow and be able to stretch far enough to be used where you need it.

Once you’re ready to go, make sure all the hose connections are tightened and that the washer is set to a low-pressure setting to begin with, to prevent recoil.
Turn the water supply on and squeeze the trigger to prime the pump and purge air from the system, before starting the washer up.

Let it run for a minute or so and adjust the pressure and spray to your desired settings while the trigger is off and you can get started!

Once you get started, be sure to stick to working small areas at a time and wash from the bottom and work upwards to avoid streaks, using long, overlapping strokes.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How Tall Are the Pressure Washers?

    Our PW4000 Pressure Washer stands at 870mm (when the handle is extended), while the PW7000 model stands at 890mm.

    Can a Longer Hose Be Fitted?

    While we don’t offer a lance extension, we do sell a 20m hose extension.

    What is the Maximum Flow Rate?

    For both models, the max flow rate is 7.5L/min.

    What Material is the Pump?

    The PW4000 has a copper induction pump, while the PW7000 is made from aluminium.


    Remember that all of our pressure washers are protected by our Blue Dot three-year warranty as standard and be sure to check out the rest of our garden tools for the rest of your gardening jobs.