Why You Need A Double-Sided Tape Measure In Your Toolbox

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Whether you are a professional carpenter, industry worker or an average DIYer at home making home improvements, it should come as no shock that having a tape measure in one's tool kit is essential. Accurate measurements are the difference between successful completion of a project or a botched job, so it is critical that you not only have the right measuring tool but also know how to use it correctly. Our Blaupunkt Tools Double-sided measuring tape not only makes the job easier and more efficient, but it also increases your chances of measuring accurately.


Simple Tips For Using A Double- Sided Measuring Tape Correctly

You may be reading this thinking," How could someone not measure something correctly?". However, as simple as it seems, it is not always so straight forward. Remember, a discrepancy of a millimetre can sometimes make all the difference depending on the job. Here are our tips for getting the best use out of your Double Sided Tape Measure.


Loose Hook

One of the most common complaints about tape measures both double-sided and single-sided is that the hook on the end of the tape is loose. Though it may appear to be a design flaw, it actually is NOT. The reason the measuring tape hooks wriggle on their rivets is to make up for the thickness and width of the hook when measuring. The hook is designed to enable the user to measure indoors and outdoors accurately. When measuring indoors, the end of the tape measure is pushed up against the wall or object, compressing the hook inwards into its "indoor' position—resulting in the hook being included in the reading. However, when taking measurements outside, the hook is usually latched on to something, pulling the hook outwards with the resulting gap equaling the width of the hook. 

For consistent, accurate measurements, it is crucial that you do not try and tighten the rivets as well as avoid slamming or mishandling the hook.


Size Does Matter

Don't be fooled by those who say size doesn't matter; it matters greatly, at least for measuring tape that is. Go for a Tape measure that has a width of at least 25mm or 1 inch. Cheaper tape measures that are long and narrow will lose their shape after being extended a few feet, which can make measuring long distances on your own or at a height more trouble than it should be. Our Blaupunkt Double-sided tape measure has a 25mm width, making it sturdy and reliable for all types of jobs. It also extends for 2.6metres without falling.


Taking Measurements At A Height

Taking measurements along the ceiling or at a higher height than your own can be tricky for even the most experienced of measurers. That is why investing is a good quality double-sided tape measure, can make a tricky job one of the easiest. You no longer have to try and read your measurements upside down or worry about the tape twisting and not being able to see the measurement. Our Bp Tools Double Sided Tape Measure not only has an anti-glare matt finish to help you decipher the metrics in bright conditions, but the body has soft grip features, making it easier to hold for extended periods.

Whatever your project is, whether you are putting up shelves at home or designing and constructing a new building there is no doubt that a double-sided tape measure, such as the one manufactured by Blaupunkt Tools, is more beneficial than a simple sided tape measure. Choose between our 5-metre tape or 8-metre tape to help take accurate measurements while cutting measuring time in half

You can have a look on our website for more tools and products to help you complete your jobs or projects in the most efficient way possible.

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